Educational Competency Enhancement Project

    A project to strengthen the capacity of nursing personnel and improve the health environment through remodeling of the nursing curriculum in Laos;

    Business objectives

    • By remodeling the nursing curriculum of the National University of Health (UHS) College of Nursing (FoNS), a cooperative university, it is possible to play a leading role in training professional nurses in Laos.
    • By strengthening the capacity of nursing staff, it is in line with the Healthcare Reform (HSRS) and Medical Advancement Policy among the National Development Plan (NSEDP) of Laos and contributes to achieving the UN SDGs No. 3 (Health and Well-being) objective.
    • The medical institution aims to improve health and medical indicators in Laos by preventing infectious diseases and laying the foundation for establishing a computerized system for medical records through training emergency professional nursing personnel and improving health hygiene and environment.

    Project period

    April to March, 2027

    Project Cost Configuration

    Total project cost of 400 million won per year (total 2.5 billion won over 7 years including 100 million won in the 1st year)

    Project Program Content

    1. Required program : Strengthening the capabilities of cooperative universities
      1. 1) Curriculum remodeling
        • - Performance-based nursing curriculum remodeling in accordance with international standards
        • - Improvement of practical education environment and development of various textbooks by securing educational materials;
        • - Development of a performance-based nursing education evaluation system and support for the implementation of the nurse national examination
      2. 2) Strengthening teachers' capabilities
        • – Strengthen teachers' educational capabilities through teaching workshops
        • - GKS program provides opportunities to obtain master's and doctorate degrees in Korea
    2. Selection Program : Contribution to the Community
      1. 1) Improving the health environment
        • - Establishment of a short-term training course for nurses to train emergency professional nursing staff;
        • - Prevent infectious diseases through health and hygiene education for residents and disease manager training
        • - Support for establishing DB for establishing a computerized system for medical records
        • - Health care education linked to the project to strengthen girls' competence
      2. 2) Student service
        • – Dispatch of student volunteers

    Participating professors and current status

    Name College or department (Inje University) Notes
    오진아 Nursing college Project leader
    배정이 Nursing college Project second leader
    이윤미 Nursing college Participating researcher
    신소영 Nursing college Participating researcher
    김상희 Nursing college Participating researcher
    조정현 Nursing college Participating researcher
    박지영 Nursing college Participating researcher
    장해나 Nursing college Participating researcher
    최윤정 Nursing college Participating researcher
    배성윤 Nursing college Participating researcher
    Name College or department (Inje University) Notes
    김훈 Medicine college Participating researcher
    이병두 Medicine administration dean Advisory
    박노례 Heath graduate school Advisory