GKS Scholarship

    GKS Scholarship Project - Selection of scholarship students from foreign graduate schools invited by the government

    Project purpose

    Establishing an international network and fostering global talent through invitation of world-class talent;

    Organization in charge

    National Institute of International Education of the Ministry of Education

    Department in charge

    • International Scholarship Center for Higher Education and Internationalization

      • Contact : 02-3668-1389
      • Fax : 02-743-4992
      • Email : kgspniied@korea.kr
      • Homepage address : www.studyinkorea.go.kr

    Application Period/ Eligibility

    Application Period Master's program 1 year of Korean language training + 2 years of master's program
    Doctoral program 1 year of Korean language training + 3 years for doctoral program
    Eligibility for application
    1. Student who holds the nationality of the country subject to invitation (No support for Korean nationality or dual nationality holders)
    2. Student under 40 years of age as of September 1 of the 2nd year of invitation or a current professor in the ODA Suwon country among the invited countries shall be under 45 years of age;
    3. (Master's program) As of August 31, those who graduate from undergraduate studies (scheduled) as of August 31, those who graduate from universities or graduate schools in Korea cannot apply
      (exception: overseas adopters, existing government scholarship students)
    4. Student with an average score of 80 or higher for the final university (However, 90 or more for existing government scholarship students)


    1st admission Recruitment of applicants and selection of candidates from overseas missions or domestic mathematics universities
    *Applicants may apply only to one official residence or university in Korea;
    2nd admission The selection committee of the National Institute of International Education reviews the first screening passers-by.
    3rd admission In the case of official residence recommendation, additional documents for those who passed the second admission process
    *are submitted (additional contents)

    ※ Select and announce the final successful candidates for the 3rd officially recommended examination and those who passed the university examination as the final successful candidates.

    Scholarship application information in details

    Full tuition, ordinary tickets, monthly living expenses of 1 million won, research expenses, medical insurance expenses, settlement support expenses, reserve for returning home, etc.;
    * Excellent Korean language proficiency (TOPIK Grade 5 or higher) 100,000 won per month