Graduate School Scholarship Program

    ※ Scholarship fund is paid according to scholarship regulations and payment criteria in this graduate school, and they are subject to change depending on circumstances on graduate school.
    Scholarship name Scholarship amount Targets
    Global leader scholarship Up to 85% of tuition
    (unless 70% of music departments)
    Full time graduate school students
    100% tuition paid
    (unless 85% for music departments)
    1 master's student and 1 Ph.D student for each instructor among full time graduate school students
    Special study scholarship Pay 20% of tuition Part time graduate school students
    School staffs in this school and hospital 50% of tuition Those working as a scholl staff of our school or in Paik hospital
    Public servant scholarship 50% of tuition Those working as a public servant
    Saetumin scholarship 50% of tuition Students admitted in Saetumin special admission
    Study supporting scholarship Based on regulations Diligent scholar who has been recommended by a professor.
    Two students attending scholarship 15% of tuition Pay to one of the immediate family members (brothers, sisters, parents, couples) who attend at least two students in this graduate school;
    Academic and industrial collaboration scholarhsip Pay up to 85% of tuition Those working in Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea Institute of Production and Technology, and Korea Institute of Electrical Research
    Scholarship from Inje Research Foundation (resident) 100% of tuition Master's students in medicine, a person who has worked as a surgeon from Pail Hospital, thoracic surgeon, obstetrics, urology, neurosurgery, pathology, diagnostic examination, radiation and tumor, nuclear medicine, and clinical departments
    Scholarship from Inje Research Scholarship Foundation
    (thesis publication fund)
    Based on regulations
    • A. Medical, engineering - SCI-level journal publisher
    • B. Humanities and social studies - publishers of papers above the Korea Research Foundation's (Candidate) academic journal

    Full-time Scholarship

    Full-time international students can receive full-time scholarship by fulfilling duties of Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants. In this regard, please refer the following guide for full-time student’s activity.

    1. Full time Definition of Full-time students
         No regular job(no employment insurance) in Korea
      • - A student who fulfill their duties as RA or TA at the place and for the time according to their academic advisors’ instruction everyday.

    • ◎ RA
      1. Assistant for Professor’s research activity
        • - Preparation of experiment
        • - Research data collection
        • - Analysis on Research data
      2. Time for research activity is 20 hours in a week
      3. Students can focus on their own study besides this 20 hours

    • ◎ TA
      1. Assistant for professor’s teaching activity
        • - Preparation of class
        • - Preparation of teaching material for class
        • - Supervision and grading quiz
      2. Time for research activity is 20 hours in a week
      3. Students can focus on their own study besides this 20 hours

    ※ Full-time students have to submit daily report of full-time student’s activity 2 times in a semester(midterm/final term)
    ※ Academic advisor’s recommendation is essential for full-time scholarship

    ※ Must maintain an average of 3.0 or higher while attending school