Greeting from the Dean

    Dae Hee Lee, Ph.D.
    Dean of Graduate School Inje University

    Inje University is rooted in Paik hospital founded in 1941, the first civil non-profit organization of its kind in Korea. Inje University was established in 1979 as the Inje Medical College and became the 4-year University in 1989, has 5 university hospitals, and has grown to become one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea. The founding spirits of Inje University are Insuljese and Indeokjese, which signify “Save the world with the healing art” and “Save the world with compassion and virtue,” respectively. Based upon these founding spirits, we practice ‘protection of nature’, ‘respect for life’, and ‘love of human being’, and we are moving ahead faithfully keeping the basic precepts of ‘honesty’, ‘sincerity’, and ‘diligence’.

    The Graduate School of Inje University has been working hard to train the world-class leaders equipped with characteristics of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking which are required in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many Inje University alumni have played pivotal roles in diverse fields such as medicine, biomedical sciences and technology, engineering, natural sciences, design, humanities and social sciences, and art at home and abroad.

    The Inje University Graduate School is committed to enhancing research capabilities by publishing outstanding thesis, papers and books, filing patents, developing new materials, and even creating the start-up business. In doing so, we provide all (domestic and foreign) full-time students with 85~100% tuition waive scholarship, monthly stipend from extramural research funds, monetary incentive for paper publication in the prestigious journal, priority given when allocating dormitory, benefit of university hospital fee reduction, and so on.

    Recently, we have established Aging-Friendly Industry Department. It is the first of its kind in Busan and Gyeongnam Region. Digital Anti-Aging Healthcare Department and Industrial Convergence Security Department have also been established with multi-year educational grants from the Ministry of Industry and Energy. In 2020, three 4th Brain Korea21 (BK21 project : most prestigious group-research project created by the Korean government 21 years ago) research groups (Nano-engineering, U-design, Anti-Aging) have been selected to receive 7-years research grants.

    With these efforts, the Inje University Graduate School has been accredited as one of the most competitive Graduate School in the Evaluation of Graduate Schools by Korean Council for University Education. Leiden University World Ranking 2020 shows that Inje University overall ranks #29 in Korea, and #712 in the world. Medicine/Biomedical/Health Sciences ranks #15 in Korea, and #362 in the world. Furthermore, since 2007 many graduate students have won prizes in the ‘Busan Future Young Scientists Contest’, and in the year of 2017, 22 students were awarded, which clearly proves their excellence in the research performance. As a Dean of Graduate school, I will see to it that all of our professors and staffs do their best to take an excellent care of you in both education and research, and campus life. I encourage you to choose the Inje University Gradute School in accomplishing your long-awaited dreams.


    Dean of Graduate School Inje University