Under the [Act on Bioethics and Safety] on February, 2013, all studies conducted on human and human origin are subject to preliminary review by the Institutional Ethics Review Board (Relevant: Articles 2 through 10 and 15) The research plan is not accepted by the IRB.

    IRB Review Application Guide

    [In the case of a thesis research plan for a degree that conducts research on human subjects or human-derived materials]
    After applying for deliberation by the Institutional Bioethics Committee (IRB) and obtaining approval, a notice of IRB approval or confirmation of exemption from deliberation shall be submitted to the Graduate School Administrative Office along with a thesis research plan and review opinion;
    [Receipt of IRB deliberation and inquiry]
    Jae-ho Hwang, Executive Director of the Institutional Review Boards (IRB)
    Contact : 055-320-3586 /
    Home page:
    [How to apply for IRB deliberation]
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